Ame -> Marcin Siwiec

Zawod: Muzyk
Hobby: Kompozytor
Kraj: Polska
Data urodzenia: 1968-11-24
Płeć: Mężczyzna
Telefon: +48501343051

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O mnie

My name is Martin, I live in Poland, I'm a composer of electronic music.

I started learning music in primary school at age 7. My first attempts at composition took place at the age of 15. At the beginning they were piano improvisations, which over time began to be transformed into definite musical compositions.

This condition lasted for quite some time - the electronic instrument I could only dream of. In 1996 I became the lucky owner of a PC with soundcard, keyboard controller, and big loud speakers :) - a neighbor from below began to grumble, and I began to compose seriously.

The first year of the "New Era" was devoted to learning the equipment, so my works from that period can be described as... "disco polo"?

In April 2003 I entered the Era of the Internet - better late than never - and in July that year a project Amee Agaru was born. I think that now more or less I understand my hardware and my music is increasingly more communicating the truth about me. What is the truth? Hm... just listen to my music.

And now I'd like to tell You a few words about "Amee Agaru" project.

Japanese words "ame agaru" can be translated as "the end of the rain". I would like that my music meant for you "the end of the rain." Let it be a ray of sunshine among the clouds. And by the way: "Ame agaru" is the title of the fantastic japanese samurai movie based on Akira Kurosawa script.

I compose my songs in conventions of electronic music but their contents are different styles and genres. In my work you will find inspiration in electronic music, classical rock - especialy progressive rock and sometimes other musical styles.

In the section entitled "achievements" I should pride myself on something. Hm... .I'll try.

As for the concerts I had a lot of them mostly in the choirs but not only. My first performances took place in elementary school - both solo (on piano) and in ensemble (choir). Later in life I took part in the concerts in the Kielce Philharmonic Choir and Warsaw Chamber Opera. I had the pleasure to participate in the performance of music by Zbigniew Preisner, inter alia, at concerts in the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Acropolis in Athens. I performed at the National Theater in the play "Phantoms" (Mickiewicz's "Forefathers' Eve" with music by Stanislaw Moniuszko) and in The Grand Theater in the Opera "Chopin". Since the residence of Lublin I began several years of collaboration with Male Choir "Kairos" taking part in the recording of music for the movies "The Witcher" and "Quo Vadis?" and in numerous concerts and festivals.

In 2002 I took part in the concert "Lublin for America" commemorating the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. One part of this event was a performance called "Memento" which I wrote the music.

In 2004 I received an invitation to participate in an event known as the EURO ECO MEETING in Złotów . I prepared for this concert suite "The Four Elements". Performance in Złotów was a wonderful experience for me. Almost three-thousands of satisfied listeners in the beautiful forest amphitheater! May more such concerts!

The year 2006 brought the project "Contemporary Electronic Soundscapes" pursued by the Polish forum for listeners and creators of electronic music. The idea of the project is to compare how musicians of various inspirations, sensibility, imagination and set of instruments would face the challenge of a single subject. Album was released by German label Syngate.

In 2007 I had a great pleasure to play a concert in the courtyard of the castle of Olsztyn in Olsztyn Summer of Art.

Nowadays I play the keyboards i the rock-band mProjekt.